By this time, I already give you the basics and some tips to make money online. But, how people really making money online? Is there any method for them to make money online? Well, we will find out how they make money online in this post.

When I’m online, the first thing I do is logging in to Gmail account. And then I open up and I logging in to my Facebook account. Then I will open Google Blog Search to seek any new posts on any blogs. Over 2 months I research how people (the beginners) make money online and then most of them are doing these things :

1. Buying a longtail domain
They will buy a domain with sounds like; make money online, affiliate marketing, make money easily.

Example : or

Yes, they have research the hot keywords but they not analyze the competition of those keywords. They think they can be number one on search engine if the domain is similar to the keyword. Maybe those domains are good for SEO, but people will forget it soon.

2. Creating a self-hosted WordPress blog
After the domain purchased, they will create a blog. Most of them (95%) are using self-hosted WordPress blog. Why? Because they think they can beat Google if they using a good blog platform.

I don’t like WordPress because it’s too complex. You must upgrade the engine, upgrade the plugins, setting out the permalink, and many more. I prefer Blogspot for blog engine because it’s simple.

About 3 years ago, SEO depends on keyword density and meta tag. But now, as you can see there is over million blogs who talk about make money online. For now, SEO depends on backlinks and traffic. So, any blog platform can be number one on Google.

3. Start posting
They start posting every day, even they have no original article. Yeah, you are right, they rewrite some articles from article directory or even from a pro blog. Maybe rewriting the articles will make it unique, but people must work hard to accept the meaning of those articles. If you don’t believe it, just try to rewrite some article with some article rewriter, like I got here.

4. Start publishing ads
When the traffic is not quite big, they already publishing ads at every corner of the blog. At header, top of post, bottom of post, sidebar, and bottom header. Those ads are very annoying for readers.

5. Getting traffic from traffic exchange program
They buy some credits and leave the blog visited by many user of the traffic exchange program. Maybe they will get tons of traffic, but not a targeted traffic. This method will make your blog’s Alexa rank higher, but Google didn’t like a traffic like this one. So, you better avoid this method; inviting your friends is better.

6. Commenting on others blog with spam method
These people will make their blog full of backlinks by how much does transcribeme pay commenting on many blogs. They fill the name field with the keyword that they focus on and they filled the website field with the url of their blog. Some examples of those comments are :

“Hi, thanks for sharing!”
“This post is great!”
“I can’t wait for the next post”
“Well done, you did a great job. Keep on blogging!”

Why spam comments are so short and simple? If I were being the spammer, I will do the same thing but with better comment, like this one :

“I think there is a lot of making money online method, they all are good and profitable. But, the most important factors of making money online are traffic and conversion. Traffic is good, but targeted traffic is much better. I hope that I can make money by following your advice. Thanks.”

That’s doesn’t looked like a spam comment, isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately I’m just a beginner who starts making money online with different techniques and methods. You can follow those methods or you can follow my methods by subscribing to my post here.

Your comment is priceless for this blog. Let the others see what you think about this post!

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