Online Marketing Businesses And The Trust Factor

What comes to mind when you think about or hear about online marketing businesses? How do you discern the trustworthy ones? Read my method.

What’s the catch? Do you think scam?  Maybe you think because there is so much deception, or at least the possibility of it, that it’s difficult if not impossible to decide.

Let’s get started by comparing them to a brick and mortar business.  Shall we?

Online vs. brick and mortar

The obvious and main difference is you can visit brick and mortar businesses, see and/or touch the merchandise, and deal face to face with someone, whereas with an online business you can’t.

Aside from that, what’s the real difference?  Is there any?  Are there any?  What is it?  What are they?

In the final analysis, it comes down to whether the buyer/customer feels comfortable enough to give money to the seller/business.

Aren’t we really talking about trust?

Trust factors

What are the factors that are important to you when deciding if you will do business with someone?  Furthermore, how much time, effort, and thought do you put into it?

I think for most of us it’s a gut feeling.  We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.  We either trust someone or we don’t.  If we don’t trust someone, we don’t do business with them.  If we do trust someone we MIGHT do business with them if we want or need what they offer.

Here are some of the things I think about:

What are some of the things you consider?


How do you measure reputation?  Do you base it on word-of-mouth that you’ve heard from others you know?  Do you consider what you’ve heard from people you don’t know as well?

How much time do you spend investigating the reputation of a business?

I dare say that in most cases, most of us don’t spend a lot of time doing investigation.  Most people probably figure there is always some sort of risk.  If the business breaks our trust, or more accurately, if they piss us off, we stop doing business with them.

Otherwise, as long as they have what we want, they address our problems if and when we have them, we’re satisfied with their return policy and if we need to return something, we do.  As long as their pricing is within reason, it’s business as usual.

How much weight do you put in written testimonials and product reviews?

If these things are important to you, do you think it will be easier to find them for brick and mortar or online businesses?

How much information is freely available and how transparent is the information you get?

Handling problems

A problem for one may not be a problem for someone else.  This is a subjective area that varies from person to person.

Let’s assume you thought you paid for THIS but you got THAT instead.  How much of a problem is that for you?

Was it an honest mistake, an oversight, regardless of if it was your mistake inboxdollars reviews  or theirs, is it important to you that the business at least tries to help you and make things right?

In my book that’s paramount.

Do they follow through or do they all of a sudden become hard to reach if not impossible?

I figure there are always going to be problems.

As a customer, I absolutely place a huge importance on how these things are handled.

As a business person/seller, I look at these situations as an opportunity to build trust by promptly and effectively taking care of it.

There is always a solution.  Fair is fair.

Return policy

The policy for some companies is they don’t have a return policy.  Their policy is “all sales final”.

I don’t know about you but that’s a red flag for me.  I’m either, at best, skeptical about doing business with a company with that policy, or more likely unlikely to do business with them at all.

The way I see it, the ability to return something, regardless of whose fault it is, is a very important factor whether to do business with a company.

There are exceptions to every rule, sometimes things happen that are outside the return policy.  That’s where the previous two factors, reputation and handling of problems come into play.

How important is the return policy to you?


In our price-conscious world, many people think price is the main reason people buy things.  I think most of us realize that’s not the case.

People buy value.  Value is a relative term.  People place different value on different things.

Price is important but it is only part of the equation in my opinion.

If the previous three factors (reputation, handling of problems, return policy) are not in place or at least satisfactory to me, I probably won’t buy from someone at any price.

On the other hand, if all things are equal, which may include other factors than the ones discussed here, why would I pay more when I can get it for less?

Make Money Online

What if the business is about helping people by teaching them how to make money online?  What parameters or factors would you or could you use to evaluate the effectiveness of such a company?

If reputation is a factor, how would you go about finding out about it?

How about the way they handle problems?

Return policy?  Return what?  Is there a way to compare that?

Assuming price is a factor, who or what do you compare it to?

If there was a business that teaches people how to make money online and you could literally get all the information you want and then some, how interested would you be in learning more about them?

Try it you’ll like it

If you could get a free sampling of how they do what they do and have the opportunity to interact with them and the others who are using the system, assuming learning to make money online is an interest of yours, why would you not look into it?

If you could get free stuff without obligation that you can keep whether you do business with them or not, what would you think about that?

If you were encouraged to search for complaints and were dared to find as many complaints as you could about them, how likely is it that you’d take the time to do that?

What are your thoughts and feelings about long-term commitments with a business?  What if you could decide on a month to month basis if you want to stay or go based on whatever it is you base your decision?

How interested are you in reading my review and the reviews of others?

If you could take no more than a minute to create a free ($0), no-obligation, no-credit-card-necessary, account, that would allow you immediate access, why would you not?…