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Robin Summerhill - campaign founder and organiser
tel: 01249 652523

Paul Smith - Road Safety Spokesman
tel: 01862 832000
mobile: 07799 045553
web: http://www.safespeed.org.uk


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Press releases (latest at top)

M4 Protest issues list of demands
(issued 12:41pm 22nd April 2005)

News: For immediate release

The M4 Protest group today issued a series of demands intended to
improve road safety and end the oppressive and counter productive
overuse of speed cameras.

Paul Smith, road safety spokesman for M4 Protest (www.m4protest.org)
said: "£700 million of fines issued by speed cameras have not made the
roads safer. We believe that the speed camera programme is dangerously
flawed and causes more problems than it solves. Officials are not
looking at the big picture and prefer to rely on narrow and misleading
statistics. While they do this road deaths are rising. Enough is

The demands are:

We demand the immediate suspension of all speed cameras on open
motorways because we do not believe that they improve safety.

We demand an end to the greedy camera partnerships. The partnership
structure is cash driven and works against genuine road safety.

We demand that no road safety policy penalises safe and responsible

We demand road safety policies that enhance, rather than destroy, the
relationship between responsible members of the public and the Police.

We demand that the major political parties make very clear their
policies on speed cameras and road safety in the run up to the general

We demand a fair, impartial and statistically sound review of all
speed camera operations giving proper consideration to side effects as
well as main effects.

We demand an immediate end to the deliberate abuse of statistical
data. For example, camera partnerships and others ignore regression to
the mean effects to fraudulently claim benefit for their cameras.

We demand open and accurate public debate on the issues surrounding
speed cameras. Our spokesperson will meet anyone - head to head - in
any national media.

Notes for editors

The M4 Protest is intended to be peaceful, non-obstructing and law
abiding. Protest vehicles will run in Lane 1 and Lane 2 only at a
target speed of 56mph.

M4 Speed cameras spark protest group
(issued 04:25am 20th April 2005)

News: For immediate release

Wiltshire and Swindon Camera Partnership’s rollout of speed camera
vans on the M4 has triggered a new drivers’ road safety protest group.
Called simply 'M4 Protest' (www.m4protest.org), they plan a slow drive
protest along the M4 through Wiltshire on Saturday 30th April.

M4 Protest hopes this action will show the driving public's
dissatisfaction with speed cameras in the run up to the general
election, and show that safe driving is too complex to be measured in
miles per hour.

Campaign founder, Robin Summerhill said: "After £700 million pounds of
speed camera fines, road deaths are going up, yet the greedy camera
partnerships simply keep expanding, placing more and more cameras. The
motoring public is at breaking point and something has to give.  I
believe it is important that the entire ethos of speed cameras in the
UK is re-examined from the very foundations."

Drivers and motorcyclists will be gathering at 10am on Saturday 30th
April 2005 at two motorway service stations - one in the east of
Wiltshire and one in the west.  People wanting to join the protest
should visit www.m4protest.org for news or information about how to
join in.

Robin continues: " We've been running for less than 24 hours and
already the response is amazing.  I hope drivers and riders will turn
out in big numbers on the day.  Speed cameras are an issue that
affects road users everywhere. Let's hope that the politicians get the
message - we're not going to stand for it any more."

There's more to road safety than speed

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