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M4 Protest approach:

  • The protest will be legal. We already have the friendly agreement of the local police to facilitate a peaceful and legal protest.
  • The protest will be non-obstructing. Protest traffic will run in lane 1 and lane 2 only, at a target speed of 56mph. (i.e. the same speed as the speed-limited trucks).
  • The organisers wish to make it crystal clear that no illegal or antisocial behaviour is expected nor acceptable.
  • These approaches are intended to communicate our serious and responsible approach to a serious issue.

M4 Protest has issued the following demands:

  • We demand the immediate suspension of all speed cameras on open motorways because we do not believe that they improve safety.
  • We demand an end to the greedy camera partnerships. The partnership structure is cash driven and works against genuine road safety.
  • We demand that no road safety policy penalises safe and responsible driving.
  • We demand road safety policies that enhance, rather than destroy, the relationship between responsible members of the public and the Police.
  • We demand that the major political parties make very clear their policies on speed cameras and road safety in the run up to the general election.
  • We demand a fair, impartial and statistically sound review of all speed camera operations giving proper consideration to side effects as well as main effects.
  • We demand an immediate end to the deliberate abuse of statistical data. For example, camera partnerships and others ignore regression to the mean effects to fraudulently claim benefit for their cameras.
  • We demand open and accurate public debate on the issues surrounding speed cameras. Our spokesperson will meet anyone - head to head - in any national media.

There's more to road safety than speed

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